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Architecture is the foundation that underpins all aspects of an organization's ability to respond to rapid changes in the market. Structured well, organizations adapt and thrive, capitalizing on opportunities.  Structured poorly, costs magnify, and those same opportunities evaporate. Finding the right balance is the key. Learn how architecture as a foundation will make all the difference in your organization's ability to tackle anything. Gain insight into the types, methodologies, frameworks, and approaches in this content series. Remain agile and ready to seize those growth opportunities.

Cloud Computing is reshaping the entire landscape of how information systems and services are configured, deployed, and consumed. Focus on fit-for-purpose solutions leveraging combinations of cloud-first, hybrid, and on-premise configurations. Gain in-depth insight into the cloud computing ecosystem. From best practices to practical approaches, models to operationalization, we dive deep into the cloud to uncover the true value, and how to put it to work or your organization.

Governance protects the organization's vital platforms and systems from error, misuse, or abuse.  However, implementing such programs does not mean creating roadblocks, limiting velocity, hampering teams, or impacting productivity.  Well-structured policies and procedures can include automation, freeing critical resources, saving countless cycles, and position organizations to respond to change rapidly.

The Management article series dives deep into topics that explore how to operationalize your vision, drive direction, create momentum, and ultimately managerial success. Vision is the stuff of magic, inspiring people, motivating teams, and defining direction. It's your vision that moves the needle forward, however, it is the practice of management that manifests and maintains. Learn how to define clear goals, build self-directed leaders, and operationalize everything.

Gain insight into the value of zero upfront cost, instant access application, and infrastructure cloud services at the click of a button.  When honed right, this on-demand cloud-first or hybrid services can deliver fast flexible long-term solutions. Dive deep into strategies that can deliver high performance just in time bottom-line sensitive, and operational-minded approaches that straight on-premise infrastructure just cannot offer.

Thoughts on operational aspects across the technology landscape.

Insights into software development practices that can drive operational success.

Clear perspectives on the practical use and value of industry-leading approaches to different aspects of technology.

Learning and maintaining a solid foundation of terminology is essential for any professional working in information technology. Stay abreast of new and exciting discoveries made across the entire landscape every day. Understanding these terms and their purpose will distinguish you. Communicate about them, and leverage their value. Dive deep into the vast inventory of acronyms and terms across the technology landscape, helping others understand and learn as well.

Learn how to get the most out of your Tribal Knowledge Library. This series includes guides about the structure of the content and ways to navigate the site.

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