Architecture is the foundation that underpins all aspects of a platform's ability to respond to rapid changes in the market. Structured well, they adapt and thrive, capitalizing on market opportunities.  Structured poorly, costs magnify, and chances are missed. Finding the right balance is the key. Learn how architecture as the foundation makes all difference. Play a key role and seize those growth opportunities. Gain insight into the types, methodologies, frameworks, and approaches in this content series.

Applications are the engine that drives the world's productivity. Their diversity is only equaled by that of the people that use them. In business or in life, from mobile phone apps to complex enterprise systems, the possibilities are endless. Learn what goes into their design, development, and operation. Dive deep into the entire landscape, and explore the lifecycle from inception to decommission in this article series.

Virtualization maximizes the deployment of physical hardware investments by running multiple workloads on any one piece of physical hardware.  Capitalizing on the demand idle, machines are virtualized versions of their hardware equivalents orchestrated on a single machine to share the same compute, memory, and disk resources. Learn how to maximize your capital investments in physical hardware by leveraging virtualization deployment configurations.

Containerization is the evolution of the simple container to a fully orchestrated ecosystem. Starting with the explosion of the container model, today's container world includes platforms like Kubernetes. These toolsets are revolutionizing the way software is built, deployed, and consumed. With abilities like n-scale, mature development tools stacks, and a solid open-source community, your potential is limitless. Explore all aspects of this container-based world in this article series, and learn how best to incorporate this revolution into your own practice.

The technology landscape is a vast composite of thousands of products, services, and organizations of all types. Serving a very diverse market that includes retail, commercial, education, health, government, and non-profit. Comprised of ever-evolving hardware, software, data, network, processes, and standards, finding a clear path in such a title wave of information can be difficult. Discover your point of entry from one of our three main tracks, and gain the visibility and clarity you need to remain on course.

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