The Mission

Create straightforward content about corporate information systems(CIS) engineering and leadership practices for individuals and organizations seeking actionable insights and direction.

The Drive

Your very own personal coach, pulling together content that connects you with those critical “Ah-Ha” I get it moments. Continually develop the skills and capabilities required to adapt to this challenging field we love.

The Mentor

I’ve had the privilege of discovering my passion for tech early on. From the ripe old age of 8, the desire remains a complete joy. Throughout the journey, I’ve been fortunate to have amazing mentors, challenging opportunities, and exposure to environments that forged my understanding of CIS from the inside out.

That journey continues in this content. Throughout my entire career, I have always wanted a resource that could lead me from the highest 10k-foot view all the way down into the trenches. The Internet and now AI are, without question, indispensable resources. However, they can still be tough to get the whole picture from.

The mission is that you find that picture here. Jump in and start today with our Tribal Learning Model.

Connect with me on Linked In, and learn what inspires my journey at wordsofahuman.

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Life long learning starts with that first step forward.

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