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Maintaining the health of your ever growing technology landscape can be a monumental challenge. This is especially true when you have multiple demands from customers, managers, end users, and vendors coming from every direction. Let’s get you the help you need, oil the squeaky wheels, and create visibility into your operation that will meet that demand every day.

Self Service Options

Capturing productivity many times involves stepping out of the role of traffic cop, and giving your users the ability to manage their own driving experience. This can decrease the cycles your support team spends on requests, while maintaining strong security, and increasing end user productivity across the entire organization.

Distributed Access Reviews

Using Azure AD P2, organizations can distribute application and group membership reviews to management, leads, and even key staff. Attestation to your organizations rigor for security can be distributed at a moments notice. Save thousands of IT cycles, and involve everyone in maintaining strong security.

Self Service Password Reset

SSPR in Microsoft Azure enables your users to securely reset their passwords regardless if they were originated on premise or in the cloud. Users can self register in accordance with your defined security patterns, as well as choose from a variety of reset processes and factors.

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Vision is the clarity to see, action brings achievement. Let’s build the engine that will drive your vision.

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