Technology Learning

I’ve discovered through experience that the path through any technology learning journey starts with understanding the landscape, and your familiarity with it. You can always just dive in and start, and there is value in exploring every part. The challenge comes down to balancing the time spent vs the destination desired.

Learning Clarity

So how do you gain clarity? Start by asking what you want from the journey.

Q: If I am just starting out, how do I know what area of technology I’ll enjoy?

Q: I’ve been a team lead for a while now, should I consider management?

Q: How do I stay current with the environment and team I oversee as a leader?

Your path will depend on answering that key question.

Your Guide

All content is organized in catagories and series paths that explore the entire landscape with these questions in mind. For strategic-related deep dives, take the series paths. For in-the-trenches tactical content, dive into the categories.

Throughout the entire site, all content, as described in the Tribal Model, is written to help you take each step up, create clarity across the landscape, and be mindful that the time you invest moves you forward to your desired destination.

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